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Great game, hard puzzle's, just the type of game i need :)


I remember playing this game years ago on another site. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see it on here. I literally just thought about it earlier, being sad I forgot the name. But here we are. ♥ 

I loved this game so much!!! I got really into it and took so many notes and screenshots, I loved playing the more secret route the second time around, and I'm still surprised at how many rewarding details there are on a replay! 

My only questions are if you ever plan to make a desktop version of this in the future, and if there's any place to buy the soundtrack?


A desktop version is quite unlikely at this point. There's nowhere to buy the OST, but you can listen to it on YouTube: 

If you want to support us, you can always buy our next game :)

holy shit that was intense- and i loved every second of it


I found this game one late night on Kongregate. I started playing the first episode, not thinking much of it.

I finished the last episode at 6 in the morning. This game is fucking great. I was so attached to all of the characters, I felt genuine anxiety during some parts, and I really felt heart-broken during that reveal at the end. I had to look up a walkthrough near the very end, but that was probably just because I was getting loopy late at night. The in-game hints were always very useful.

The one thing that I would really complain about is that I think that this game would really work well with some voice acting. I know that's expensive, especially with how few characters there are and how many lines each of the characters have, but I think that would be really cool. Maybe I might get together with some friends and play this with them and do some voice acting with it, who knows? Either way, with or without voice acting, this game is amazing and should definitely be played by more people. I'm genuinely surprised it's not more popular than it is. Well done, and I look forwards to future games.

(Also, am I the only one who really wants to see an epilogue? Like, one about the characters after a longer time, like a couple years or so? I really want to see our heroes meeting up after everything.)


Glad you enjoyed the game! 

I'd definitely love to work on something with VO someday, it'll just need to be the right kind of project where it makes financial sense to do so. Can't say I haven't thought about it!

If you want to support the studio, give us a follow somewhere and be sure to give our future games a try!


I really don't know what to say. This was great!!!! I'm a big fan of 999 and I was more than impressed at this game's ability to scratch that itch. The scale of the project astounded me, the quality of the story was just incredible. The DRAMA- don't even get me started. THE CHARACTERIZATIONN!!!!! The atmosphere!!! The writing!!!!!!!!!! AND ITS FREE???????????

I truly love this game.
Sure, the art can be pretty janky (certainly gets better as it goes along), but don't let it stop you from experiencing this wonderful game if you're thinking about playing it.

Figuring out some of the puzzles or plot things made me feel so so smart, and some of the reveals had me smacking my head thinking, "How did I not realize that sooner?" And the way it felt like your choices in the game really mattered- just incredible. 
Props to the devs! You're all terribly smart!!! And play this game if you get the chance!!!!!!

Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll look forward to our future games!

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YAS! (alot of talking tho)

one of the best games ive ever played

Very good just finished it at 3:20 AM bc i got hooked which shows how good it was hope you make another game (some of the puzzles were a tad bit random specificity the pattern ones had to wiki those)

Thanks for the kind words. I'm working on something new as we speak - you can even play the demo on my itch page right now! Give us a follow somewhere and you'll know when it's released in full.

this is the best thing ever!!!

can you make a squeal?  I cant find more games with these type of puzzles and this is just awesome.

on their twitter they said they're making a new game


This is one of the best pieces of writing I've ever read -- your writing makes everything so personal and emotional!!!






This is honestly one of the best games i've ever played